• Valentina Tinganelli

What is fish leather?

I often get the question, "is this salmon leather, is it from the actual fish"?

And the answer is yes, it is the fish skin, that we normally would throw away.

I use 4 types of fish leather in my products, salmon, cod, wolfish and perch.

These leather are all so different and unique.

Gray: Wolfish. Pink: Salmon. Dark brown: Perch. Light brown: Cod.

I prefer to use salmon and perch leather, that is because i like how much we see the scales.

The other question that I get is "is it as good quality leather like regular leather?"

And the answer is also yes, it is a durable as a regular lamb leather.

For instinct salmon leather is very strong material and the tear strength is 90 Newtons even tho it is thin.

I have use the salmon leather in my shoes, bags,leather gloves and other small accessories.

Wallets for cards, each has different type of fish leather.

It is an material that is very Icelandic and we love to use it. It gives the product an different look. These wallets are one of my best sellers, because they are small and easy to fit in any pocket, and a great travel present to bring back to a friend or a loved one.

Which leather type you like more?

Wallets will be soon available in our online shop.

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The gray one is wolfish leather and the black one is black. I wanted to show you how different the y can be in size and shape.

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