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Handmade leather gloves from Italy

Updated: Nov 18, 2018

Today I want to talk about our amazing family company who makes our leather gloves, they are located in Naples, Italy, like my shoemaker (if you are wondering why I produce my products in Naples I will tell you later).

I was so happy when I found them, cause they are the best in what they do and have been around for a long time, and the best part was that they wanted to work with me.

This company has been in their family since 1930's and the third generation is now in charge, and wow! they know how to make the most comfortable leather gloves that fit perfectly. They work in team of four, mom, dad and two sisters, I love so much how they all work together. Making gloves is just in their blood.

Me and my fiancé visit them 2 years ago, cause we wanted to learn more about how leather gloves were made and meet them. We were surprised how complicated it is to make a pair of perfect leather gloves.

The first leather gloves they made for me was a low cut gloves in "nappa" leather (special leather for gloves) and suede. We sold out really fast and people enjoyed soft and warm gloves.

I really love this design and, I was inspired by the Viking helmet, the round shape around the eyes. It was a really nice and elegant shape to have on a glove, and I continue to use soft shapes in my leather gloves. Today we have two types of leather gloves that you can shop here in our online store.

Until next blog, have a great day <3

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