• Valentina Tinganelli

🍒Friday vibes🍒

I always want to look extra good on Fridays, no reason just because 👌🏼There is one color that i don't regularly wear but I should wear more, that color is RED. I always feel so powerful and good in red, i don't know why that is. And when i see other women or men in red I am always amazed by there appearance.

Red, specifically, is one of the most powerful colors in terms of its association and the feelings it generates.
Red is also sexual - men find women wearing red to be more attractive, and women think the same of men.

Today i'm wear my new red jacket and jeans that i bought in and my red shoes Vaka and silk scarf. The dress is form last summer from H&M.

These shoes are to die for, and every woman should own a pair of red heels to make them feel sexy! Here in Iceland we often just go and buy a black pair of shoes cause it fits with anything, but i think we should be bolder and brighter and step out of our comfort box and choose colors.

If you go to our online shop there you will find these beauties and they could be yours in just few clicks 😍🍒 Be bold and beautiful woman that you are!

Have a great weekend Valentina

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